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It has been a while since we have had any postings on this group, and I would definitely like to change this. I want to not only post great pictures, but also have discussions about phallic worship and fertility cults from around the world as well. Anyway, I was doing my usual searches on the web and found a beautiful image of an ithyphallic Shiva that comes from 17th Century Nepal.

Third eye

Mandaean Phallicism

And the male organ as vigorous in its strength and imperial majesty: the body, the earth and heavens and the worlds of light and darkness, are equipped therewith.

It is a strong implement, and kingliness resembles it for the whole Body and the kings are safeguarded thereby and no trees, birds, animals, cattle, or running waters can escape its compulsion.

For seven kings are incorporated therein standing in seven garments and written with, seven letters namely, GABARUT(A) [virility]-- their name.

For the male organ as the channel of mysteries, it is a wellspring and hair comes out from it; thereby the senses are held.

For it is a great mystery to those who perform its function; who erect it in purity and not to excess.

As for those who deprave it, they are cast from the height down to the uttermost limit of the worlds.

The eye is not opened which beholds all worlds; their eyes are dazzled and they behold them not!

So, when you release seed and have been orderly in the act and its fount fell upon the mystery of the womb within her, which is responsive to it, seed and blood love one another and seek their vehicle; soul, a body, and a vital spirit.

~ The Head Is One World

More on Mandaen Phallicism here
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Hindu devotees disappointed as sacred icicle melts.

SRINAGAR, India (AFP) - Thousands of Hindu pilgrims faced disappointment on Monday after a large, sacred phallic-shaped icicle in a Himalayan CAVE melted -- leaving people blaming body heat or global warming.

Photos here.

Hundreds of thousands of devotees make a long, tiring trek to the Kashmir mountains each year to look at the natural icy formation, worshipped as a symbol of the god of destruction, Shiva.

But by Monday, just the second day of the two-month-long pilgrimage, the pilgrims only had a tiny stump of ice to look at -- compared to a 3.6-metre (12-foot) high formation that was there a few weeks ago.

"The Shivlingam (Shiv phallus) has melted down completely," Arun Kumar, a senior official of the pilgrimage board, told AFP.

(Is this be a bad OMEN ? Or a GOOD Omen? Shiva, the god of destruction, looses it's penis!?!?! Say it isn't so!!)

Local papers speculated that a glacier above the Amarnath cave was melting -- making the interior warmer -- in line with glacier retreat in the Himalayas linked to global warming.

A local geologist blamed the number of hot, sweaty bodies visiting the cave.

Thanks to herbmcsidhe for the heads up! Uh....no pun intended. ;)